Dr. Shui “Yee” Lee is Chairman and CEO of Yee Enterprise
Solutions, Inc.  (YES).  He is a former AT&T Vice President
of Software Systems and has over 30 years of distinguished
and accomplished information technology (IT) and
telecommunication network services leadership.  He was
named an AT&T Fellow in 2001 for his exemplary
contributions to IT and network services focusing on service
delivery, service assurance, outsourcing, and network
technologies, designs and optimization.  He is one of the four
or five Executive AT&T Fellows was named for his exemplay
contribution to business development as his organization
generated billions of revenue annually.
Dr. Lee’s contributions are widely recognized.  He developed
a two-dimensional physical and computerized optical filter
for the Apollo Lunar Orbiter. This filter was used for image
resolution and identification of the lunar landing site for the
Apollo astronauts.  He also patented Generalized Object
Oriented Technology which successfully solved very large
scale, multi-dimensional inventory, capacity management and
database problems.  This technology was instrumental in
enabling the successful introduction of SONET technology and
services, and simplifying data migration initiatives.  His
other accomplishments include developing the first features
and applications for digital switching; designing and deploying
one of the largest expert systems in the world; envisioning
and implementing an expert system which accelerated AT&T
analog to digital network conversion from a 5-year to a 3-
year schedule; and championing a patented “Service at
Touch” technology using handheld wireless devices.   
Dr. Lee has earned numerous accolades, including the Chinese
Institute of Engineers Achievement Award, the
Computerworld Smithsonian Award, and multiple AT&T
Architecture, Business and Software Excellence Awards.  
Dr. Lee has attained numerous leadership positions.  He is
serving as a New Jersey Commissioner of Science and
Technology responsible for the science and technology vision
of the state of New Jersey.   Dr. Lee is also a member of
the District Export Council for the New Jersey/New York
region reporting to the US Department of Commerce.  He
was the Chairman of the New Jersey Science and Technology
Budget Committee.  A respected executive, Dr. Lee serves
as an emerging business and technology advisor for companies
in the telecom, software and pharmaceutical industries, as
well as several educational institutions, including Princeton
University and Rutgers University.
Dr. Lee holds a Master’s and PhD in Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.  
He has completed Advanced Management and Executive MBA
programs at the Harvard University School of Business.
Yee Enterprise Solutions, Inc.