YES's Global Any-Shore Delivery Model is a proven comprehensive approach toward successful delivery of
service and network designs with new features and capabilities. This Model's value attracts some of the
most sophisticated and discerning Fortune 2000 clients.

The Model takes a 360 degree view client partner relationship, business and program management,
system requirement, and software development spectrum include platform infrastructure and right
resources to ensure high quality delivery. The global Any-Shore Model delivers value, provide flexibility of
service, and ensure cost-effective achievement of business capabilities and system objectives.

The Global Any-Shore Delivery Model functions are represented below:
YES is an American company with emphasis on client partner relationship, business and program management, system
requirement and platform infrastructure development perform in US and application development and production support in China.
YES has top-class China development centers in partnership with
Sunwah Group and technology with Motorola .  We know the
business culture and processes of our partners customers intimately. These are organically embedded in our own operations.

YES strongly believes that each assignment merits its own exclusive (and intensive) evaluation and must include the analysis of the
of the economics, cost benefit, in time delivery schedule, the assignment and collection of best talents. As importantly, we examine
the customer's need and situation including the strategic or tactical implications for the customer's business and the
cultural/political environment that customer operates in (such as does the assignment conform to their policy? Or does it risk the
customer's business?) Once this due diligence is completed, YES and our customer comes out with a clear understanding and
agreement. This lead to a rational proposal of what is best: whether the assignment is best performed entirely onsite, offsite,
offshore or a combination of these.

One of the most proven successful Global Any-Shore Delivery Model is shown below: Please note that the flexibility of the Model.
The percentage of responsibility of each functional stages can be varied depends on the customer and partner environment and
The advantages of our Global Any-Shore Delivery Model are follows:

Use of Appropriate Delivery model for every project  
       Combination of the above
      Easy Access to Right Resources
       Availability of Resources both in the US and China
       Ability to Ramp up or Ramp down teams quickly both in the US and China
       24x7 Service-ability
       Follow the sun model
       Shorter cycle times and quick turnaround
       Readily available support - Anytime and Anywhere
       US based senior management
       Easy access for issue resolution
       Responsiveness leading better execution
       Cost Effective Solutions