The Product and Service Offering will:

  •        Provide license usage for the Rational tools
  •        Provide consultation services on Rational tool usage that includes

  •       Enable up to five (5) of your staff to successfully leverage and
    administer the Rational tools,

  •       Expand and complete joint localized adaption and enhancement of
    tools to meet the needs of client’s programs, projects, or organization.

  •       Review the new usage models defined in the tools and its
    relationship with your refined practices and processes,

  •       Collaboratively prototype an existing project or organization in the
    Rational Jazz suite.   

      YES will provide these services through a team of consultants from YES and
    Innovative Network working both locally and remotely using our methodology
    and pre-defined templates designed specifically to IBM Rational Jazz.  YES
    through the Innovation Network Joint Venture can also provide the IBM
    Rational Tools via on-premise licenses or cloud subscription service.

    For more information please contact
Yee Enterprise Solution, Inc.
             IBM Rational Jazz Product and Service Description

     The JumpStart Product and Service Offering combines a collaborative implementation
    approach that maximizes your investment in the IBM Rational Jazz tool suite.  Jazz is IBM
    Rational’s next-generation technology platform for collaborative software and systems
    delivery. The Jazz platform is designed to transform how people work together to build
    and manage software—making software delivery more collaborative, productive and
     This offering provides for the tools to achieve collaboration across your software
    teams as well as the various artifacts that are delivered throughout the software
Our solution provides the following Rational tools
IBM Rational Requirements Composer
IBM Rational Team Concert
IBM Rational Quality Manager
IBM Rational Publishing Engine
IBM Rational System Architect
** selection of tools can be configured to the specific needs of a client.

    Finally, we help build reasonable adoption plans and roadmaps to incrementally
    improve your software organization as we equate success to providing training plans
    for your staff, defining disciplined processes and practice, and configuring tools to
    meet the specific needs in your organization.