Dr. Shui Yee Lee, Chairman and CEO, is a former AT&T Vice President and has
over 30 years of distinguished and accomplished leadership experience in IT and
Network Services; focused on service delivery, service assurance, software
development, outsourcing and new technologies. Dr. Lee's contributions have been
widely recognized with both awards and recognition, including being named an AT&T
Fellow in 2001, the Chinese Institute of Engineer Achievement Award, the
Computerworld Smithsonian Award and AT&T Architecture, Quality and Software
Excellence Awards.  Dr. Lee is serving as the New Jersey Commissioner of Science
and Technology responsible for the science and technology vision of the state of
New Jersey.
Dr. Lee holds a Master's and PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
from the University of Pennsylvania. He has completed Advanced Management and
Executive MBA programs at the Harvard School of Business.
Mr. Pramod (Raj) Warty, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), is a highly experienced
and well respected Technology leader and manager with an outstanding track record
of deliveries. Raj is a former AT&T Network System CTO and Executive Directors
of AT&T and Telcordia. He was named a Bell Laboratories, AT&T and IEEE
Follows. He received 24 US and International Patents in Software and Database
Technologies, Reliable and High performance Systems Architectures, Cellular
Technology, and Auto Programming and Reliability Testing Technologies. He is an
acknowledged expert in managing System Architecture, Design, Software
Reliability, Security, and Software Integration and Testing technologies.  
Raj completed his PhD course work in Computer Science and received MS degree in
Operations Research from Northwestern University .  He also received MS degree
in Systems Engineering from V.T.J Institute in India .  He has an Executive mini
MBA from Boston University School of Management.
Dr. Paulina Chan, Senior Vice President of Business Development, developed her
executive experience and career in three top Corporations.  These are Exxon
Corporation as Director of Management Information System; ICO Communications
on Global Mobile Personal Communication System as Regional General Manager of
China; and most recently, as Managing Director of AT&T China and Asia/Pacific.  
She advises established corporations, start-up businesses, and government
organizations in the United States and worldwide on technology business strategy
and development and globalization.
Dr. Chan received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College,
England, and M.Sc. in Business Management from Birkbeck College, University of
London. She also received her Ph.D. honoris causa in Medicina Alternativa from the
Open International University, WHO Alma Ata Declaration.
Mr. Thomas Fong, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Operations
and Human Resources, is an experienced executive.  His career spans over 25
years in the fields of system development, database management, sales and
customer service.  He founded Compcierge USA Inc., the leading customer service
system in the hospitality sector.  Prior to that, he was the president of InfoTek
Systems Corp. providing support to private sector companies in development,
management and analysis of database systems.  Mr. Fong has also worked as a
consultant to numerous government agencies including: Federal Aviation
Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and
more.  He holds a Masters in Information Systems and a Bachelor’s Degrees in
Finance and Economics from the University of Maryland.
YES -- Advisory Board
Harry Burns
Former AT&T VP
Computer Hardware & Computation Infrastructure
Pete D’Amato
Former AT&T VP
Sales  & OSS Technology
Rick Hankins
Former AT&T VP
OS Architecture & Platform Development
Jintong Lin
Beijing University of Post
& Telecom.  President
Wireless & Telecommunication Technology
Xin Ping Pan
Chinese Academy of
Science University Dean
Computing & Software Engineering
H. Russell Cross
Texas A&M University
Deputy Vice Chancellor
Agriculture, Animal Science, Meat and Muscle Biology
Yunging Sun
Lenovo Corporate VP &  
Lenovo/IGRS Chairman
PC and Advanced Communication Network Technologies
Peter Ting
Former AT&T Director
& AT&T Fellow
Database Management & Data Mining
Pat Wirth
Former AT&T Director
and AT&T Fellow
Network Optimization & Routing Algorithm & Scalability